Monday, November 27, 2006

Crane Safety Tips, 1 through 5

1) All operators must be trained in all aspects of safe crane operation and have thorough knowledge of load charts and set-up of the crane for a particular lift.

2) Before going to the job site, truck cranes and all-terrain cranes need to be checked to ensure that they are set up for safe highway travel. Regular maintenance of the carrier as specified by the manufacturer is important.This includes recommended daily checks, as well as maintenance of the superstructure, boom, turntable, outriggers, and counterweights.

3) Ground conditions at the job site need to be checked frequently to ensure that conditions have not changed from previous day.

4) The operator must consider the size and shape of the load as well as wind direction and boom length.
5) Crane operators must have a keen awareness of power lines and be constantly aware of electrocution hazards.

Source: Crane Works Magazine