Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Iowa OSHA News

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007
Posted by Amelia Figueroa, National Business Compliance Department

According to a report out of Des Moines, Iowa OSHA and the construction industry are partnering in a new, statewide training effort. The purpose of this new collaboration is to increase the safety awareness and reduce the number of fatalities in the construction industry.

Tragically, according to Iowa OSHA, the Iowa construction industry had more fatalities last year than any other state in the union. In the past ten years, forty-one Iowans have lost their lives to falls.

On a recent Wednesday, Iowa OSHA and members of the construction industry met at the Polk County Convention Complex in Des Moines to kick off the partnership. An important part of the program is the Fall Protection Summit. This program includes testimonials from those who did not use fall protection equipment and the impacts from that decision. It also discusses proper fall protection and how to implement procedures. OSHA case studies are also discussed, along with the fall investigation process. There is also an overview of fall protection requirements and a roundtable discussion.

“Fall protection training is a necessary component for the safety of those working in the construction industry. By investing in a collaborative effort to educate the industry on fall prevention, we can reduce the number of fatalities and serious injuries related to falls,” said Iowa Labor Commissioner David Neil.

The Fall Protection Summit is being offered free of charge to encourage individuals in the construction industry who face the everyday need to have protective procedures and systems to attend. Several summits are scheduled. If you are interested, please contact the Iowa Workforce Development office in your area.

Iowa Workforce Development envisions a future where Iowa has safe workplaces, and a productive and economically secure workforce. Working together with professionals in the construction industry is just one way that the Iowa Workforce Development helps prepare Iowans for an ever-changing future.

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