Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Cost Effective, Easy to Install, Visual Rollover Warning for Lift Equipment

1017 Inclinometer Series

Rieker Inc designs and manufacturers "ball-in-tube" curved liquid filled vial inclinometers using precise glass tube and ball construction with engraved markings and customer specified color warning zones.

All our tubes are filled with a special damping fluid that controls the movement of the ball, providing the industry's best roll for smooth accurate readings. The fluid combined with large, clear number and degree markings make it easy to get quick, accurate readings under a wide variety of severe environmental conditions.

One of our “ball-in-tube” models that continues to set the bar for early warning devices is the 1017. It provides ±10º range with degree markings in 2º or more precise 1º increments. Available with up to 3 color warning zones (Green (G0)/Yellow (Warning) /Red (No Go)) these inclinometers greatly improve the vehicle operator’s ability to detect dangerous roll over situations before equipment damage or injury can happen.

The 1017 is typically mounted in the operator cab of an off-road forklift (or material hander) in a clear line of sight – this quickly helps operators identify when they are transcending too great a slope for the equipment in an effort to prevent a 'tip over' (or side to side roll over). 1017’s are also mounted on the rear of bucket/utility trucks or aerial ladder rigs in order to determine platform level prior to raising the boom. These MIL SPEC instruments are painted with customer specified color warning zones to quickly identify the recommended safety limits for tilt set forth by the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Commonly used on utility trucks, aerial lift trucks, fire/rescue vehicles, off-road fork lifts, crawler cranes, construction equipment, aircraft, boats, military and government vehicles for monitoring platform level, boom angle, and preventing tip-over. The 1017 is a simple, cost effective way to comply with OSHA, ANSI, and NFPA standards and/or regulations specifying the need for a visual angle indicator (inclinometer) on lift equipment.

Rieker® Instrument Company, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of accurate, rugged, weatherproof inclinometers and tilt indicating instruments, since 1917. Rieker’s full line of tilt switches and inclinometers can be seen at www.riekerinc.com.

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