Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Altec Boom Tip Cover Program

Altec is committed to helping our customers work “safer and smarter”. This commitment to safety is reflected in our ongoing efforts to work closely with customers to develop products that help you protect your employees from the hazards of working around energized lines.

As you know, contact of conductive portions of an aerial device above the insulated upper boom (that is , contact at the boom tip) with energized conductors or grounded objects may result in serious injury. This is especially true when workers violate OSHA regulations by not covering conductors, not covering other potentially energized components or not wearing rubber gloves. Line crews should never rely on the boom-tip of an aerial device or digger derrick to protect them from an energized conductor or ground. The only real protection available is the use of appropriate protective equipment while maintaining appropriate clearances to energized conductors.

In an effort to provide at least some protection when line crews fail to use these proper work practices , Altec has developed boom tip covers in a kit form for field retrofit to Altec insulated aerial devices. These covers are compact, attractive and similar to existing covers on your aerial devices. The covers are not dielectrically rated and you should consider them to be conductive in your work methods. However, these covers may provide some protection against electrical hazards in the event that contact is made with uncovered conductors or other potentially energized components when crews fail to use correct work practices. As with all covers, they must be kept clean and in good condition to provide any protection.

Altec’s new cover kits are now available on a wide range of Altec models that are equipped with standard boom tip options. Cover kits will become available on additional models in the near future. In some instances, a special customized cover kit unique to a particular customer’s unit may be required. Please allow three to five weeks for delivery on completed cover kits.

In an effort to minimize the financial impact on our customers while raising the level of safety awareness , Altec is offering these new cover kits at a price that is at or below our cost. To learn more about cover kits and when kits for additional Altec models will become available, please visit Altec’s web site at www.altec.com and click on the “Safety First” icon from the home page. You can also contact Altec toll free at 1-877-GO ALTEC. Your Altec account manager will also be able to help you with additional information about cover kits.

If there is any way Altec can assist you in improving operator safety, please feel free to let us know.

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