Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hands-On Safety Conference & Expo

Dedicated to Fostering a Culture of Safety

Incident Prevention is pleased to once again sponsor the premier gathering of safety professionals from across utility industries to further establish and foster a culture of safety.

Never before have we been faced with such a high level of attrition of established operations and safety professionals. Our goal is to provide a conference program of skills development, exposure to new concepts and a learning environment for both veteran operations and new industry leaders. With three dynamic seminar tracks - Safety Management, Worksite Safety and Training Development --plus bonus post conference workshops, the 2007 Hands-On Safety Conference is your best opportunity to become better at everything you and your company do related to safety. Make SAFETY FIRST in your company.

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See You in Phoenix!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

ANSI Regulations regarding training of operators of aerial devices

ANSI A92.2 2001 Revision
Effective August 1st, 2002
8.12.2 General Training
Only personnel who have received general instructions regarding the inspection, application and operation of aerial devices, including recognition and avoidance of hazards associated with their operation, shall operate an aerial device….

8.12.4 Familiarization. When an operator is directed to operate an aerial device he/she is not familiar with, the operator, prior to operating, shall be instructed regarding the following items and issues …