Thursday, April 08, 2010

Demolition Crane Smashes Into Sharpsburg House

Demolition Crane Smashes Into Sharpsburg House

Crane Was Demolishing Building Next Door

A 100-foot crane in Sharpsburg collapsed onto a house early Tuesday evening during a demolition.The accident happened shortly after 6 p.m. in the 200 block of North Main Street, authorities said.Crews of a sheet metal company were tearing down a building to make room for a new building and parking lot when a crane somehow tipped over, authorities said.The Winegarden family was inside the house as crews were demolishing the building next door.The crane tipped over and crashed into the second story of the family's home.

"At first, a couple of bricks came down and hit the house. I told my daughter we should leave the house just to be safe. We came outside and as soon as we came outside, that's when the crane came into the side of the house and smashed the side of the house," said James Winegarden."It was huge. It came crashing right on through. It was just very frightening," Liz Winegarden said.

No one was hurt.

The Red Cross is providing the family with a place to stay.
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